Pre-Marital Agreement

If you are contemplating getting married in the State of Florida, you should consult an attorney about a Pre-Marital Agreement. A Pre-Marital Agreement offers many advantages. It protects assets and can provide for an orderly distribution of assets acquired during the marriage. It can also limit or completely eliminate the obligation of alimony. It can provide for the amount of money a spouse must contribute to marital expenses during a marriage. However, one thing a Pre-Marital Agreement cannot do is limit or waive an obligation of child support.

To be valid, a Pre-Marital Agreement must be prepared in accordance with Florida law; each party to the agreement must make full, fair and complete financial disclosure; each party must have ample opportunity to review the agreement; neither party can exert any undue influence or coercion upon the other party; and each party should have their own attorney.

If you are thinking about a Pre-Marital Agreement, whether having one prepared, or having one reviewed, contact us to schedule a consultation. We look forward to meeting you.

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