All US employers must verify the employment eligibility of their employees by using form I-9 on or before the first day of employment.

The form that should be used as of Jan. 31, 2020, is edition 10/21/19. Form I-9 contains three sections: section one containing the employee information and attestations, section two for the employer review of information and confirmation of supporting documentation and section three for purposes of updating and reverification.

To better help understand the process of completing the form, USCIS has released three short instructional videos with examples and information on how to properly complete each section of the form. The videos can be found here:

Video 1: Employee Information and Attestation

Video 2: Employer Review and Attestation

Video 3: Updating and Reverification

In addition to the videos, employers can find more detailed information about proper verification of the employee documents, retention and reverification requirements in the Handbook for Employers, form M247.

Failure to follow this simple employment eligibility verification process can lead to severe sanctions for the employer. We will be happy to answer any additional questions, train your HR professions or complete an audit of your I-9 files to ensure compliance. Please visit us at or call at 305.967.6900.

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